7th Grade Is On Its Way!

Lots of things have happened over the now 4 years! I still can’t believe how long it has been since I was a 3rd grader in Mrs. Campagna’s class! 6th grade was a lot of fun, especially since we got to go to the Ancient Games. The Ancient Games is kind of related to the Olympics. We compete in events such as the softball toss, 100 meter dash, discus, and javelin throw! Everyone gets to compete, and you feel super included as well. Now, lets get to 7th grade.

I haven’t yet been to 7th grade, but I do know some new and old things about it.  For one, there is no orientation, but there is a day in the summer where you can get your schedules and drop off your school supplies. That was one of the new things about 7th grade. Lots of things have been changed in the past year about middle school. Wheel classes (art, foreign language, etc.) are now being called explorers classes, and all of the academic classes will be 55 minutes long in contrast to 44 minutes. There are new pod names as well.

I know that the 6th grade pods were called ‘thunder’ and ‘lightning’, but I believe they are changing the names again, to split up into 3 pods. The 7th grade pods are named after birds, and there are three. I am only positive about two of the pod names, the third one I have no evidence about. Two of the pod names are ‘eagle’ and ‘falcon’.

Yes, you do have locker combinations, and the lockers tend to get jammed from time to time, but otherwise, I’m pretty confident that you will like the middle school.

Some of my younger friends and family worry about getting to class on time in the 4 minutes they give you, but if I could make it to class on time, then you can too! A way to make it easier on you is to develop a time frame about when you will go to your locker and get your books to carry to class. It really depends on how close your locker is to your next class, and if the class you had before you went to your locker is close enough to your locker for you to be able to get your books while still taking your time.

If you relax, take a deep breath, and prepare yourself for the future, you won’t have to worry, and don’t forget to smile!

P.S Mrs. Campagna, your baby is so cute! I hope when she grows up she’ll be as sweet as a strawberry!

Presidential Candidates

So, by now you might’ve heard about the 2016 Presidential Candidates, either Republican or Democrat. This year, we have two ladies running for office.  Hillary Clinton and Carly Fiorina.

Democrat Party

  • Hillary Clinton (Former U.S Secretary of State)
  • Martin O’Malley (Governor of Maryland)
  • Bernie Sanders (U.S Senator of Vermont)

Republican Party

  • Jeb Bush (Former Governor of Florida)
  • Ben Carson (Neurosurgeon)
  • Chris Christie (Governor of New Jersey)
  • Ted Cruz (U.S Senator of Texas)
  • Carly Fiorina (Businesswoman)
  • Mike Huckabee (Former Arkansas Governor)
  • John Kasich (Governor of Ohio)
  • Rand Paul (U.S Senator of Kentucky)
  • Marco Rubio (U.S Senator of Florida)
  • Donald Trump (Businessman)

Phew! After typing all of those Republican names I can finally relax! Trump is making his way up the polls, but the frontrunner is Hillary Clinton. I hope she wins. No offense to directed towards anyone. Talking or writing about politics is touchy, it’s full of opinions, and that could hurt someone. The only two presidential candidates that were not involved in the government are Donald Trump and Carly Fiorina. The next Republican debate is scheduled for January 14, 2016 in South Carolina. But don’t worry, I’m sure the democrats have one as well! In fact, the next democratic debate is on January 17, 2016. Unfortunately, that is the last debate for the democrats before the Iowa caucuses. The Republicans will squeeze in one more debate on January 28, 2016. The first Republican debate is aired on Fox Business Network, while the second Republican debate will be aired on Fox News. The Democratic debate will be hosted by NBC and the Congressional Black Caucus Institute.  Below are the links to the websites I used for information.






The Middle School

Ok, it has been such along time since I have been on this blog! I am now in 6th grade, and this blog sort of is a passage through my life! Okay, at OFMS, the halls are super crowded, and full of rushing students! You have 4 minutes to get to each class. For me, it takes about 3 minutes to get from one end of the middle school to the other. I have wonderful teachers! They are wonderful and so much fun! I can’t wait until you guys join the middle school crew! I am in Drama, Newspaper, and Book Club! I am just so surprised that is has been three whole years!

‘Wow. All he could say was wow.’

I went from 8, to 11 years old since third grade! When I read and looked through all of my other posts, I felt so much wiser. Oh, how much school can do to you! In 5th grade I joined Resource Room. It is sort of like an extracurricular activity. Mrs. Morris was my teracher. But now she retired and I miss her so much! I now have a new teacher Mrs. Canacci, and she is awesome! i have read so much books in my life. They expand your brain, and most of the time, they introduce new words for me. They are challenging, but not to challenging. There isn’t any more than at least 3 words per page that I don’t know.  Here’s a tip: when there are more than 5 words per page that you don’t know in your independednt reading book, drop it, and maybe read that booka little later on in life. It’s okay to do that. I know I have. Okay it’s getting late, so bye bye!

The Henry Ford Museum

On May 29th, the fifth graders are going to Michigan to visit the Henry Ford Museum! I’m so excited! My teacher, Mrs. Pojman told my class about a couple of cool facts about what is in the museum. Mrs. Pojman told us that  the chair where President Lincoln was assassinated is in the museum, and the car where John F. Kennedy was assassinated. The museum also has a lot of the cars that some presidents took a cruise in. They also have the George Washington Camp Bed. The camp bed was a bed used by George Washington, our first president. Here are some extra exhibits found in the museum: With Liberty & Justice for All, is an exhibit about the proud and painful evolution of American freedom. And Driving America The World’s Premier Automotive Exhibition, a exhibit focusing automotive influence on American Culture. I will hopefully remember to write back to you guys when I get back from the Henry Ford Museum and tell you all about it!

My Strange Sharpie Addiction!

Hi! I’m back to tell you about my very extraterrestrial sharpie addiction. For my birthday I got a large pack of sharpies! I love drawing and coloring with sharpies! Especially when I draw on aluminum foil. I know it sounds weird but it is true. When I draw or design with sharpies on aluminum foil, it makes them look shiny an metallic. But if you do try this, be sure to let your drawing dry before you touch it or it might smear. Plus, aluminum foil can rip very easily when your drawing, so be careful! I hope you can try this at home! Bye!

5th Grade Band

Hi again. Sorry that I haven’t been posting in awhile. So lets cut to the chase, I’m going to tell you about 5th grade band. Personally I think flute is the best, but mostly because that’s the instrument that I play. I started band on October 14, 2014. And my concert is on May 5, or 6. When I first started to play the flute, it was super hard to make a noise out of and to read the notes without writing them in. But don’t quit, if you do you will be missing out on a whole lot. It is fun, and sometimes challenging. I sometimes bring a water bottle with me because my throat gets dry every once in a while. If you practice, almost everyday, playing your instrument is like learning to breathe. Some of you won’t want to do band because you have to wake up earlier, and you have to be at school around 7:15. I get up at 6 o’clock everyday, but it might be different for all of you. In 5th grade band you get to choose between these instruments,  flute, percussion (which is the bells and drum pads), trumpet, trombone, saxophone, or the clarinet. For the flute you have to form the word “to” in your mouth and blow. If you pick to play the flute, don’t stress if you can’t make a sound out of the instrument, it takes practice. It took me about at least 4 or 5 band practices to start to get the right angle and blow the right way. It’s hard, but don’t give up. Comment below what instrument you might want to play in 5th grade.

What Do You Want to be When You Grow Up?

What do you want to be when you grow up. I have had tons of different ideas about what I wanted to be. I used to want to be an artist, actress, pastry chef, and a singer. But now hopefully I won’t change my mind again but I want to be a journalist. I want to go to a good college study hard graduate, and travel the world and write interesting articles about my travels. But I have a huge fear of going on a airplane. I get carsick, and probably airsick too. If I grow up to still be afraid of planes  I may become an author and open a cozy little bookstore and café so I can still live out my dream of making delicious treats. And maybe eat some cookie dough too! Yum! Leave me a comment below about you might want to be when you grow up. See you later.

Summer Break

Sorry, I was so busy with school and tennis that I haven’t written in a very long time! Well, now it’s SUMMER and I’m so glad to have a break from school! I can’t wait to know who my fifth grade teacher is! I’ve grown over the years to meet my goal of having this blog for two whole entire years! Summer has been fun so far, this vacation i’m going to Hilton Head, SC. I’m so excited! I’m leaving on July 12th. Okay, I have to go do all my chores nice writing again! Bye.


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